HUMILIATED: Trump Is Filling STADIUMS At His Rallies! But VP Joe Biden Is Filling…

Hillary Clinton’s judgment really is flawed, if she is looking to these kinds of people to back her up. First it was her pick for VP. Instead of going with a truly progressive counterpart like New Jersey senator Cory Booker, she picked long time yes man Tim Kaine.

She has appeared at rallies alongside unpopular billionaires like Warren Buffett and George Soros.

Of course there are the litany of out-of-touch celebrities who flock to her side, showering her with money and deepening the divide between themselves and their fans (at least Leo had the sense to call off his fundraiser).

But perhaps the worst people shilling for Crooked Hillary are the current administration leaders. Failed president Barack Obama, no doubt coerced into doing so, has half-heartedly gone to bat for Clinton. She wishes for some of that 2008 magic to work again.

But eight years is a long time and Obama just doesn’t have the public’s ear anymore.

Now we see the second in command being conscripted for the Clinton machine. And it’s even more laughable than Obama.

From Tell Me Now:

In an Union Hall in the deep blue city of Warren, Vice President Joe Biden addressed a half empty UAW Hall. Union members failed to come support Hillary on the eve of Labor Day weekend – even when the Vice President of the United States was there! This is their base and they didn’t even come to see the VP!

There are only about 200 people there. Also consider media is taking up a portion of the room! It also appears that the hall is packed with politicians as US Senate candidate and former failed Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is there with some Democratic elected officials. The only people coming out to support her are party insiders not real AMERICANS!

It’s pretty sad, considering a business mogul is packing out stadiums with supporters. The sitting VP, a once popular senator among democrats and republicans, can’t fill out a small hall with voters. Much of the space was filled by press and politicians—people who had to be there.

It’s odd that Hillary wanted a man like Biden to push for her. The vice president did have a respectable career during his time in Congress. Yet eight years as Obama’s second banana, often the butt of late night show jokes and internet memes, has taken their toll on the once respected leader.

He doesn’t have much cache in the way of energetic support.

It’s clear that the Clinton campaign is running on fumes. If it weren’t for massive injections of cash by Hollywood and villains like Soros, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Source: Tell Me Now

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