HUMILIATING: Mike Pence Is Attracting LARGE Crowds…But Tim Kaine Is Attracting…

While Donald Trump has been marshalling thousands, and even tens of thousands, at multiple rallies day after day, Hillary has been rustling up a few hundred supporters at her infrequent campaign stops.  Tell me again that she’s leading in the polls? Right…

In the meantime these two have been sending out their VPs as deputies to speak to crowds of their own.

“To varying degrees of success” would be a nice way of describing it.

The Independent Journal Review Reports:

According to local media, Pence drew a crowd of roughly 500 people in Salisbury, North Carolina, where he reminded the crowd just how tight the “one-point race” remains in the state.

Speaking at Catawba College, Pence warned voters that their support would amount to more than just “a choice between two people”:

“This election really is about more than a choice between two people.

It’s really, in my book, a choice between two futures. So let me tell you where I stand. I choose a stronger America.”

Tim Kaine, on the other hand, had a beautiful setup for a big crown to fill in.  But then… only 30 people showed up.  Ouch!

As Hillary Clinton was slated to attend a “star-studded” New York City fundraiser on Monday night, her running mate Tim Kaine traveled to Florida to sway undecided voters in the battleground state.

Unfortunately for Kaine, he may have walked away Monday afternoon feeling less than enthused. As The Week reported, it may well have qualified as “the saddest rally ever.”

Another local — who clearly identified as a Trump supporter — also took some footage of the Kaine rally, noting that there appeared to be “only about 30 people” in attendance.

The signs are coming in more clearly now.  To steal an old Biblical rallying cry, “Hillary/Clinton has reached its hundreds, Trump/Pence has reached its tens of thousands.”  How Donald Trump and Mike Pence do not go on to win after such shows of intense support, that would baffle anyone.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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