Hurricane Reporter Finds Tattered Flag On Ground, What He Does Next Has America In Tears

Hurricane Harvey made landfall last week, but it is still wreaking havoc on the country. The cleanup and recovery will most likely go on for months.

The storm has destroyed homes, schools, and businesses. The floods have driven people out of their houses and towns. The damage is too high to calculate.

Yet there was one moment worth highlighting. It happened when a Weather Channel reporter noticed the flag pinned down by a tree.

From IJR:

One of the few bright spots in the coverage of the hurricane came from the Weather Channel. Reporter Paul Goodloe discovered an American flag lying soaked on the ground in the wake of Harvey’s destruction.

Goodloe is no stranger to scenes of destruction after storms. The veteran meteorologist has been with the Weather Channel for nearly two decades. When he saw the American flag lying on the ground in Rockport, Texas, he knew what to do.

“I’m gonna have to pick that up,” Goodloe says, approaching the ragged Stars and Stripes sitting in the rubble of a parking lot. “I can’t let Old Glory just stay here like that.”

“We got to fold this up.”

“Make sure this isn’t a casualty to Hurricane Harvey.”

“Definitely a rescue from Hurricane Harvey here in Rockport.”

Goodloe took the time to pick up the flag and make sure it was not damaged, with the help of one of his associates. He even folded it the proper way, as fitting for an American flag.

This simple moment highlights the humanity and respect that Goodloe and many of us have. Even when terrible storms rip through our communities, we come together. We give of ourselves to help those in need, those hurt the most by challenging circumstances.

In the end, that’s what being an American is all about. When the debates are over, when the arguing over politics are put aside, we are neighbors and citizens. We work hard to help each other out.

Goodloe’s simple act of rescuing the American flag represents that sentiment. Let’s hope more Americans show that same kind of consideration to one another.

Source: IJR

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