Feds Make INSANE Announcement About Illegal Immigration…Our Government Has Lost Its Mind!

Anyone who’s been watching the “transgender bathroom” wars unfold in North Carolina and beyond has probably asked themselves, “What next?”

The answer is that two of the Left’s favorite causes — illegal aliens and the transgendered — have now combined into one, with the Obama administration leading the way.

As usual, your tax dollars will pay for the resulting “reforms,” whether you approve or not.

According to Breitbart.com:

Amid activist calls additional protections for transgendered migrants, the Obama administration is planning a new detention facility for illegal immigrants that would include a unit designated solely for transgender detainees, according to a new report.

Fusion reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has confirmed plans for a separate transgender unit within the new facility, slated to open in November in Alvarado, Texas.

But that’s not good enough, of course:

While ICE is taking special precautions to house transgendered illegal immigrants in safe conditions, the plan is not quite what immigrant rights activists had in mind. Rather activists, according to Fusion, would prefer the transgender illegal immigrants not be housed in a detention facility at all but rather with community organizations.

“[ICE] is talking about the new detention center as if they are providing as a service to the community, and they’re not,” Isa Noyola, the program director at the Transgender Law Center, told Fusion.

All this to accommodate the demands of roughly 0.1 per cent of the population who “identify” as “transgendered.”

And who aren’t even American citizens.

Credit: Breitbart.com

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