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ICE Just Took Radical Action On Illegals That Has AMERICA Cheering!
By Faith Braverman|April 12, 2017

Years of not enforcing immigration laws has made illegal aliens a much larger issue than they would otherwise be. The left’s constant refusal to see the risks illegals pose has led to high crime rates in border towns and sanctuary cities.

Democrat public officials are so deluded into protecting these criminals that one even sent out a warning to illegal immigrants in her neighborhood about ICE conducting a raid.

Her Facebook message called for illegals to hide in their homes and not answer their doors, but the backlash against her by the community’s law enforcement officials was swift and scathing.

Despite these repeated attempts by the left to undermine authority, President Trump’s crackdown is beginning to yield extremely positive results.

Not only are illegal border crossings significantly down, the deportations of criminal aliens are up.

From Fusion:

Immigration officials announced last week they detained at least 367 individuals in a series of raid operations—nearly one a day—across the country. 

The arrests were announced throughout the week starting last Monday when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said they arrested 153 individuals in South Texas during a 12-day operation that ended last month.

Other individuals were arrested in New York. Out of the 31 people recently arrested during raids there, 30 of them had significant charges.

DUI’s were the most common infraction amongst the group, with twelve being detained because of it. The other charges included drug possession and fraud charges.

It’s sickening that these individuals not only violated the law by sneaking over here, but continued to endanger others by driving while intoxicated and bringing drugs into their communities.

Also sickening is the fact that liberals continue to downplay the severity of these crimes, claiming that DUI offenders aren’t the “most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in America” that Trump promised to target in his speeches.

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Evidently driving while drunk is not a serious enough crime to warrant immediate deportation if you are not a citizen. The left really needs to lay off the crazy pills.

Source: Fusion

Faith Braverman
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