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Illegal Aliens Tried To Hold 100K ‘Mega March’—There’s Just One Problem…
By Faith Braverman|April 14, 2017

Under the new administration, illegal immigration has taken a YUGE hit. The number of illegals crossing the border is down by as much as 60%, while legislation continues to be crafted that will outlaw sanctuary cities.

President Trump’s tough approach towards the people who repeatedly break our nation’s laws has caused many who were outspoken in their objections to pause and reflect before taking action. Some illegal immigrants are beginning to realize that their days of abusing the system are over.

Organizers of a protest in Dallas learned this in hilarious fashion when they attempted to take a stand against our President’s policies towards illegal immigrants recently.

From Conservative Tribune:

Mega March organizers told the public and the media to expect 100,000 protesters, according to KTVT. Only 3,200 showed up, according to the Dallas Police Department. In an interesting liberal twist, the media reported that the number appeared higher, according to WFAA News.

With only 3 percent of the expected turnout, Sunday’s event made clear the effects of President Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on illegal immigration and his zero tolerance for illegals who commit crimes. Everyone’s jumpy, and that’s not a bad thing.

Indeed, the national conversation on illegal immigration has most definitely changed since the Obama administration.

One Dreamer in Mississippi who had her DACA status expire decided back in March to protest the laws which would deport her. 22-year-old Daniela Vargas gave a speech at a news conference, saying she was “undocumented and unafraid.” Immediately afterwards, ICE agents pulled over and arrested the Argentinian national. 

Perhaps Vargas’s humiliating story caused others who are here illegally to think twice before parading their lawlessness in the streets as if it’s a badge on honor. The low turnout for this Dallas rally seems to suggest that that’s the case.

Apparently actually enforcing the law is a deterrent to illegal immigration. Who knew?

Source: Conservative Tribune

Faith Braverman
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