Illegal Immigrant Operation Goes Terribly Wrong—Look What They Found In This 18-Wheeler

Liberals in our society don’t want you to know the truth about illegal immigration.

They allow the toxic situation to persist because it helps them politically. But it is a system that plagues on desperate people who want to enter America.

It allows drug cartels and human traffickers to exploit people—often to their great harm.

As was the case in Texas, when police discover something shocking in the back of a truck.

From LA Times:

In an incident the local police chief described as a “horrific” human trafficking tragedy, 39 people were found in and around the trailer in a parking lot off Interstate 35 in San Antonio, about 150 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Eight men were pronounced dead at the scene early Sunday morning and are believed to have suffered from heat exposure and asphyxiation, police spokeswoman Romana Lopez said. Another man died later at a hospital, bringing the toll to nine.

Seventeen of the vehicle’s occupants were rushed to hospitals with serious or critical injuries. Another 13 had non-life-threatening injuries. At least two of the occupants were school-age children.

“All were victims of ruthless human smugglers indifferent to the well-being of their fragile cargo,” U.S. Atty. Richard L. Durbin Jr. said in a statement. “The South Texas heat is punishing this time of year. These people were helpless in the hands of their transporters. Imagine their suffering, trapped in a stifling trailer in 100-plus degree heat.”

If this story sounds shocking to you, keep in mind it’s nothing new. Human traffickers have been doing this for years. This goes on all the time, because liberal leaders in Washington have made it difficult for law enforcement to crack down on illegal immigration.

Instead of encouraging migrants to come in legally, they look the other way as smugglers cram dozens of people into trucks, trunks, and other compartments. These aren’t the first to die, or suffer horrendous conditions.

Even if they weren’t found by police, they would have been subjected to years of abuse at the hands of smugglers and criminals.

This is why we are calling for a border wall and stricter enforcement of our immigration policy. Criminals laugh at our laws, knowing they can sneak through the border, thanks to years of lax liberal enforcement.

How many more people need to die before we are united in protecting our border?

That wall can’t go up soon enough.

Source: LA Times

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