Illegals Find New Hiding Place From Trump – Even ICE Won’t Enter Here

Most Americans will agree that President Obama’s handling of immigration was a disaster. He ignored U.S. law to protect criminal aliens, drug cartels, and dangerous individuals.

The situation got so lax, that people were shocked when President Trump ordered the government to actually follow our laws! To think–the government doing what it’s supposed to do. That’s not the way it works–according to liberals and insider politicians.

Since taking office, Trump has ordered ICE, the DOJ, and border patrol to do their jobs. They have been cracking down on illegal immigration, deporting people who break our laws.

But it looks like some illegals are finding sanctuary–in the most unlikely places.

From Breitbart:

A growing number of illegal aliens are moving into America’s churches to find sanctuary and avoid being deported back to their home countries, media outlets are reporting.

In New York City, one illegal alien and her children are living in the Holyrood Episcopal Church, the Associated Press reported…

AP reported that at least two dozen illegal aliens are living in U.S. churches since the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has started to enforce federal immigration law under President Donald Trump, with a 40 percent increase in arrests taking place since his election.

The AP said churches are considered “sensitive locations” and aren’t routinely patrolled by ICE.

Since 2014, at least 50 publicly known cases have emerged of people seeking sanctuary in churches for immigration-related reasons, according to Rev. Noel Anderson, a coordinator for the Church World Service, a New York organization that supports the sanctuary efforts, according to AP.

Once upon a time, people would hide in a church in the hopes of fleeing danger. The idea was that nobody would harm or attack someone in a house of God. But these aren’t innocent victims being persecuted by an unjust government. These are illegal immigrants who have broken the law to be in the United States.

Churches have no authority to prevent ICE or the DOJ from entering and apprehending these criminals. Their only hope was that the government would overlook these houses of worship. But the real wrong is on the side of these religious leaders, who–like sanctuary cities–are trying to flaunt American law and justice.

If these churches were truly concerned about the state of the country, they wouldn’t be harboring aliens. Why aren’t they concerned with the many Americans who have suffered at the hands of illegal immigration? The people who have been robbed, raped, or killed? The Americans who have lost jobs and opportunity, due to illegal immigration?

The government may have overlooked these churches before, but I have a feeling that won’t last for long.

Source: Breitbart

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