WHOA! Illegals Latest Move To Dodge Deportation EXPOSED…Even Trump Is STUNNED!

Since Donald Trump has taken office, the federal government has been cracking down on illegal immigration.

It’s clear that in the Trump era, freeloaders and abusers will get what they deserve.

No longer will we have people sneaking over the border to take advantage of our government-funded social programs. And people living here illegally will be caught and deported.

What are illegals to do in this climate? Report themselves and work to reenter America legally? Not on your life.

They are working to hide from the federal government any way they can. Even if that means no longer taking government handouts.

It’s a win-win for Trump.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, households with an illegal immigrant in California are going so far as to avoid getting food stamps to not tip off the federal government.

“The city is concerned by a recent spike of withdrawals from CalFresh, or food stamps, among eligible households with at least one noncitizen,” the Chronicle reported.

The head of San Francisco’s Human Services Agency said the “political climate has sparked a rash of questions from participants, ranging from whether their personal information would be released to the federal government to whether the administration will cut food stamp benefits to immigrants…”

While legal residents of California, “including green card holders and those with official asylum or refugee status,” can participate in CalFresh, the Chronicle euphemistically noted a drop in enrollment “in the 9,500 participating San Francisco households with at least one noncitizen.”

A “noncitizen,” huh? That’s a nice way of saying “illegal immigrant.” It’s shocking when you realize just how many “non-citizens” were abusing the system. Programs like food stamps—paid for by citizens’ taxes—were being abused by illegal’s who would never pay into them.

But now that our government is actually following the law, illegals are realizing they might get caught. It’s ironic that the very programs that enticed them to come here are now possible traps.

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But not only does this mean a drop in illegal immigration, but a drop in use of government handouts. These programs have wreaked havoc on our society for decades. It’s about time we rein them in and get people working again.

So either way, Trump wins. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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