Trump Reveals First Images Of Prototype Border Wall—One New Feature Enrages Mexico

One of the first things President Trump did when entering office was sign an executive order to begin construction of a border wall. Despite many complaints and resistance from liberal critics, the work for building the wall hasn’t stopped.

Democrats have tried to prevent progress on the President’s flagship promise, but they’re not good at anything, even resistance. Funds have been allocated and prototypes are being built as we speak.

CBP—a branch of Homeland Security—has posted new pictures of the border wall prototypes. New details have emerged about the wall, that will surely frustrate would-be border jumpers.

From Washington Examiner:

Customs and Border Protection shared the first photos of one concrete border wall prototype being built at the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego, Calif.

The cement structure will be up to 30 feet tall and is one of four concrete prototypes being constructed at various points of the southwestern border…

All of the prototype projects will be carried out on the border and are expected to start this fall, but the non-concrete walls will conclude years before the concrete projects. Each of the eight prototypes will be between 18 and 30 feet tall, and address specific issues Border Patrol agents deal with in certain regions, such as community, geography, and wildlife concerns.

Homeland Security chose to have a number of wall types built so they can see how border operations are carried out with different barriers.

That’s only a sliver of the final wall. Imagine how impressive it will be, spanning the many miles across the southern border. If I were an illegal, I’d give up now.

I’m sure you noticed what I did when viewing the prototype. The wall is incredibly tall and sheer. There is no footholds or crevices, which aliens could use for purchase. This baby’s going to be pretty hard to climb, if any idiots dare to try it.

Thirty feet isn’t something to sniff at. That’s a tough height to scale, even for the most determined coyote. And if they do, they’ll be greeted with a variety of other modern features that will make their trip into America a decidedly short one. Including some tough hombres known as the Border Patrol.

So far these are the various prototypes being developed in San Diego. Once they are finished, the President and other members of DHS will decide on which will span the border.

Regardless of what they pick, those illegals are in for a difficult new reality.

Source: Washington Examiner

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