DISGUSTING: Imam Tied To Orlando Killer’s SICK Views REVEALED…This Is Moderate Islam?

In the wake of the terrorist shooting in Orlando, America and the rest of the world is trying to make sense of the bloodshed.

For the first time there are people realizing the danger of the radicalized Islam, and the threat it poses to people who defy it.

Despite what the left wants you to be believe, many mosques in the United States preach a brand of Islam very much akin to what ISIS and other terrorist networks believe. They stand against the West’s ideals of freedom, Christianity, Judaism and the LGBT rights. They teach that anyone that dissents with their radical faith must be punished by death.

The Imam connected with shooter Omar Mateen, Abu Taubah, recently spoke with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. What he had to say was simply shocking. Instead of condemning the radical views that led to the attack, he seemed to all but encourage them.

From Western Journalism:

Imam Abu Taubah, who was questioned by authorities in relation to Orlando, Florida, gunman Omar Mateen, told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that he supported beheading journalists…

Taubah said it is not America’s business when American reporters, such as James Foley, are beheaded in the Middle East.

“I believe some journalists need to be beheaded,” he said, “but I wouldn’t have done that.”

During the interview, Taubah, formerly known as Marcus Robertson, said he would not condemn stoning women who commit adultery.

“I do not condemn that. Do you condemn someone getting the electric chair for whatever crime they get the electric chair for?” he said.

“So you think adultery for a woman is a death penalty offense?” Van Susteren then asked.

“Why you want to specify a woman?” Taubah later said.

“Because I see the women stoned to death and I don’t see the men,” Van Susteren shot back. “Are they stoning the men to death? Are they?”

Taubah’s answers were shocking medieval. The fact that he was so open about what he believed–what he preaches to his followers regularly–should be a wakeup call to every liberal and feminist that tries to defend Islam.

His views on a woman president are even more barbaric and outdated.

“As a Muslim I object to Hillary Clinton,” he said. “I don’t believe a woman should be the president of a nation. As our prophet … taught us, whenever a woman is in charge there’s going to be problems. What if she’s on her menses and it’s time to go to war, is she going to press the button because she’s angry?”

Yikes. I am all against Hillary as president, but on the basis of her failed policies and corruption. Making a bogus claim like Taubah’s is shockingly primitive and offensive. How can any Democrat stand up for Muslim communities when they promote such backward thinking?

Source: Western Journalism

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