A Muslim Imam Has Written A Letter To Donald Trump…This Is CHILLING!

Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, has been outspoken about his ban on allowing Muslim immigrants into America. He had stated unequivocally that radical Islam must be stamped out, to prevent greater acts of terror against America and the rest of the world.

While the left continue to ignore this reality, we learn about the threat growing within our own borders. Imams in mosques across the country preach a kind of Islam that encourages violence against non-believers. It was this kind of ideology that motivated Omar Mateen to kill 50 Americans in Orlando, FL.

Now a new movement, by a former Imam, is exposing this terrible threat. And he’s reaching out to Donald Trump himself.

Via Mad World News:

An ex-Muslim and former imam with insider information about the Muslim Brotherhood has broken his silence after the terrorist attack in Orlando, speaking directly to Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Giving an alarming warning to Americans about Muslims in the U.S., the Christian convert has come forward to expose exactly what’s going on in thousands of mosques across the country.

After recently warning that 80 percent of the 2,800 mosques in America are under the direct supervision of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Christian is pleading with Trump in an open letter to crack down on Islamic terrorism at its source — theological Islam. By urging Americans to sign his petition to Trump, he promises to ask the Republican candidate to “take a stand to protect the American public and uphold the U.S. Constitution” from the domestic enemy that is creeping Islam.

Dr. Mark Christian, a former imam and now Christian leader, has called potential future president Donald Trump to take action against this real and present danger. In the petition he has set a few agendas: 1. Require Islamic institutions in the U.S. to admit that their teachings are responsible for shooting like Orlando, 2. Require Islamic institutions to discontinue speech that victimizes groups, 3. Demand they take steps to change their message, and 4. Hold unwilling groups responsible for acts of terror.

While these steps seem strong, it is a clear message from Christian and his supporters that American mosques must be held responsible for what they preach.  It casts a strong light on the actions and agendas of Muslim leaders across America. If they are being coached by the Muslim Brotherhood, it must be made known to the rest of the country.

Terrorism will not be tolerated under a Trump presidency.

Source: Mad World News

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