Political Correctness Gone Insane! Here’s What Cops Are Saying About Iranian Terrorist Killed In Texas…

Shortly after the massacre in Orlando, FL by a Muslim terrorist, we learned about another shocking event in Amarillo, TX.

A gunman took two employees hostage in a Walmart. Although no civilians were hurt, the police were forced to kill the gunman.

We reported how early on police and law enforcement agencies seemed to be keeping the gunman’s identity a secret. There were reports that the man was a Muslim immigrant, but police asserted the attack was classified as a “workplace incident.”

Now more details are coming out about the gunman. Surprise, surprise, we were right all along.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Police have identified the suspect who opened fire at a Walmart store in Amarillo this afternoon as Mohammad Moghaddam, 54.

Mohammad Moghaddam, an immigrant, came to Amarillo with his family eight years ago from Iran.

Amarillo police say the armed man who took two people hostage inside a local Walmart was a store employee who had a work-related dispute with the manager and that there was no reason to believe the incident had any ties to terrorism.

No ties to terrorism?

In as many days, we have another Muslim immigrant attacking American citizens. While we are very pleased that no one was harmed, for law enforcement to ignore the obvious is shocking.

While we can’t question the gunman, we can assume plenty. Well-adjusted immigrants, happily assimilated into our country, don’t use guns to take Americans hostage. You can’t separate the fact that he was a Muslim Iranian immigrant from the equation. The fact that law enforcement is denying the terrorist angle is simply to sweep the incident under the rug.

The media and government don’t want you to believe we have a serious problem on our hands. They want you to think the problem is gun ownership and random acts of individuals. The truth is there are many people in this country who believe a toxic and destructive form of Islam that dictates violence as an answer to their problems.

Until our government acknowledged this and takes efforts to stop them (as we did under President Bush), these kinds of events will continue to happen.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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