Immigrants Have A Special Message For Hillary…I Don’t Think She Is Going To Like It!

For America’s establishment elite, “immigration” has something to do with having lots of “exotic” restaurants in their exclusive communities, and cheap servants to clean their huge homes. They don’t care about the impact immigration has on ordinary citizens, from matters ranging from employment to personal safety.

However, not all Americans think of their country as a giant free for all hotel with lots of amenities. In fact, some of the most patriotic Americans are legal immigrants, and they are trying to remind those born here that if they aren’t careful who they let in, there will be no more “America” to enjoy.

Australian born Nick Adams is one of those citizens by choice. Addressing Trump’s proposal for “extreme vetting” of prospective immigrants, Adams told Fox & Friends:

“The day that anyone is born in the United States of America is the day that they won the lottery of life…

If people are going to come to America, they’ve got to become American. They’ve got to contribute, they’ve got to participate.

They’ve got to fully embrace the United States of America, the existing values, traditions and customs that drew them here in the very first place.”

Isn’t it sad that even a generation ago, such sentiments would be considered unremarkable instead of controversial? That people like Adams have to defend common sense proposals like Donald Trump illustrates how much trouble the country is really in.

Source: IJR

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