In Unearthed Interview, Look What Trump Said About North Korea In 1999

Recent days have shown the serious danger North Korea poses to the world.

This rogue nation is staggeringly close to unleashing nukes on peaceful nations. The U.N. has passed sanctions and the United States is making clear warnings.

What is surprising is that we’ve known about North Korea’s danger for a long time but liberals have been acting like this problem surfaced overnight when Trump became president and started acting from a position of strength.

And to liberals’ utter frustration, the internet does exist and caught Trump saying some eerily prophetic words about North Korea almost 20 years ago.

From IJR:

President Donald Trump, seven months into his administration, has perhaps done more to put the screws directly onto Pyongyang than any of his predecessors. The president has ramped up defenses in South Korea, sanctioned North Korea harshly in the United Nations, and has taken a tone that calls out the despot’s threat directly…

However, nearly 20 years before Trump would become president, he was predicting what a catastrophe the North Korean problem would present if left unchecked. In a Tim Russert segment from 1999, while Bill Clinton was still in office, then-businessman Trump said he would be open to a pre-emptive strike. Then he made this grim prediction:

“These people, in three or four years, are going to have nuclear weapons. They’re going to have them pointed all over the world and specifically at the United States.

The biggest problem this world has is nuclear proliferation. […] You know it, and every politician knows it, and nobody wants to talk about it.”

You have to wonder why nobody was listening to Trump back then. A smart, successful, effective business man and leader. Obviously he was clear minded enough to recognize North Korea’s threat. Yet the brain-dead leaders in D.C. at the time were unwilling or incapable of heeding his words.

Now almost twenty years later, we are on the brink of having a nuke-firing rogue nation on the loose. Any day can bring word of a strike on South Korea, Japan, or U.S. territories.

Sanctions might not be enough. We might not be able to afford to wait. The U.S. and her allies might have to strike North Korea before they unleash devastation on millions of civilians.

If only they’d had listened to Trump back then.

Source: IJR

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