Trump Is Right (Again)…This SHOCKING Fact Proves It!

The ongoing fight against illegal immigration can seem fruitless.

Despite the best efforts of our patrol officers, illegals find ways to sneak through every measure.

This has created a major national security risk, one that the left seems uninterested in thwarting.

Each day we hear more news that convinces us Trump’s wall just might be the answer.

Extreme, yet practical, measures must be taken to prevent people from illegally entering our country. The fact remains that many people in need of a better life flee Mexico, in ways that endanger themselves and others.

Take for instance this story out of Rincon, Texas.

A landowner living near Rincon said illegal crossing activity has started to pick up in the area. Junior said sometimes he sees small groups of people walking through the rancher after crossing the Rio Grande River. That changed a few days ago when he saw a big crowd.

 “When I do see a group, it ranges between five, 10, maybe 15,” Junior said. “But 10 days ago, when I saw 30, 40, almost 40, people, I knew something is coming up, it’s changing. And it’s not changing for the good.”

This ranch owner means no ill-will toward people who just want a better life, but he how can he feel safe when he sees so many strangers invade his property?

He owns plenty of guns to defend himself, but says he won’t use them unless he or his family is attacked. But what about the people who aren’t as even-handed? These illegals are putting themselves in great danger. And not just from property owners.

Junior said the people traveling in the big group minded their own business. He said he felt bad for a mother and a young child.

“You could tell the baby was in dire need of water,” he said. “A 10-month-old baby not responding and the temperature was about 95, 100 degrees. And I have a feeling that that’s not going to be the first to come.” 

Anyone who claims opposing illegal immigration is racist are ignoring the facts. This ranch owner sympathizes with these people, but he understands that they cannot come into this country illegally.  They are endangering themselves, their children, and Americans.

Border police are predicting greater numbers of illegals in the coming months.

Agent Marlene Castrol said if the Valley sees an influx, like the one in 2014, they’ll be ready. She said Border Patrol learned a lot then.  As a result, they implemented changes that made them much more prepared.

That’s good news.  But the best news will come when we put a stop to illegal immigration once and for all.

Build. That. Wall.

Source: KRGV

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