REVEALED! Hillary’s Plan If She Is Indicted…Only A Clinton Would Do THIS!

As the investigation continues into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server, we’re all waiting for the next piece of news.

What will the FBI uncover? Will anyone involved be accused of actual wrong doing? And most importantly, how will this affect Hillary’s bid for the White House?

The more we learn, the more we’re convinced indictments are on the way.

The FBI wouldn’t invest this much time and effort into an investigation for no reason. There’s a good chance the people who provided Clinton with the server will be the first to go.

But equally as possible, the head of the snake, Clinton herself, will be brought down.

Of course this won’t stop the desperately ambitious tyrant from running for president. In fact, even an indictment won’t be enough to bring her to her senses.

According to Conservative Tribune:

Longtime investigate journalist Ed Klein, author of several revealing biographies about Democrat front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, claimed on Tuesday that she has an underhanded plan in place in case she gets indicted by the FBI for her corrupt behavior as secretary of state.

“She has told her aides and her friends even if she’s indicted, she intends to run anyway because she will say, ‘Hey, I got 13 million votes in the primaries … Democracy’s at work,’ and all of that stuff,” he said while speaking on Newsmax TV, according to Canada Free Press contributor Robert Laurie. “She intends to run.”

Breaking the law hasn’t never stopped the Clintons from seeking power in the past. This current scandal isn’t even a bump in the road for good ol’ Crooked Hillary.

It remains to be seen, however, if an indicted individual can even run. Maybe the Democrats will wise up and prevent her. I’m thinking the many court appearances and possible jail time will get in the way of her stump speeches. Then of course, there’s the fact that an indictment will turn off many voters.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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