Instant Karma: These Thugs Thought They Found An Easy Mark…But They Weren’t Counting ON THIS! [WATCH]

It a dangerous world we live in. That’s especially true for those who work at gas stations and convenience stores.

It’s almost a running gag how often they’re robbed for the large amounts of cash they work with. Store owners need to stay on guard, lest they get jumped.

Unless of course, they have a MMA fighter as a pal.

A video from 2014 is making waves about a gas station attendant coming back from the bank.

As the video footage shows, the moment he steps out of the car, he’s attacked by a group of thugs. They knock him to the ground and begin to search him for money. Obviously they were waiting for him.

What the robbers didn’t know was his co-worker saw everything from behind the counter and was ready to intervene.

Mayura Dissanayaka is no average gas station attendant, he’s an experienced MMA fighter, with some powerful moves.

With just a few punches and kicks, Dissanayaka knocks both crooks away from his friend. They don’t stand a chance. While some of the criminals got away, one wasn’t so lucky. He was knocked out by Dissanayaka and, according to reports, picked up by cops.

The video is simply amazing.  Check it out.  You’ll want to make some MMA friends!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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