Is The Media Biased Against Donald Trump?

Americans are divided along a pretty clear red line: those who believe everything the media says, and those who are skeptical of every word.

Which side are you on? Do you believe the media is fair and truthful, or are they out to destroy Donald Trump? We want to hear from you!

Gallup has also done a survey on bias in the media, and it is pretty enlightening:

In a contentious political landscape, Americans increasingly believe the news media generally favors one political party over the other. Sixty-two percent of U.S. adults say the media has a favorite, up from about 50% in past years. Just 27% now say the media favors neither major party.

Graph 1

20 years ago, Americans used to think the news really was balanced, but not anymore.  And which party is it leaning towards? Well, even they can’t fabricate fake results for this obvious answer:

Gallup asked those who perceive political bias in the news media to say which party the news media favors. Almost two-thirds (64%) of those who believe the media favors a political party say it is the Democratic Party. Only about a third as many (22%) believe the media favors Republicans.

Neil Cavuto goes after him in the way only he can:

So where should you be getting your news?  Well, judge your sources yourself, and if the media tells you a source is objective, don’t believe them for one second.

Source: Gallup

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