Is Trump Racist? Watch Black Kids OBLITERATE The Haters With EPIC Takedown: “Give Us Cold Hard Facts”

If Donald Trump is a “racist,” why does he have so many African-American supporters?

Dr. Ben Carson is only the latest member of the black community to stand up for the presumptive GOP nominee. African-American clergymen often share the podium at Trump rallies, along with YouTube stars who call themselves “Diamond” and “Silk,” and former Apprentice contestant Omarosa.

Not all Trump’s African-American fans are celebrities. Two young brothers, Chris and Joel Hayes, have put out a simple, straightforward video that is sure to make liberal heads explode.

For 13 minutes, the Hayes brothers challenge those who call Trump “racist” to provide evidence that he’s a bigot. They say they can’t think of any, then go on to describe why they are backing the New York real estate mogul’s run for the White House.

First, they oppose Hillary Clinton with a passion, blaming her and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, for passing the trade deals that have shipped American jobs overseas.

However, they’re objections are also moral, not just economic. They say that when they talk to other African-Americans (an expression they don’t like…) they say, “Bill Clinton was a great president” because “he was a pimp! He had ho’s in the White House. He was the first black president!”

Chris and Joel roll their eyes. “So now black people are identified with pimping and disrespecting women and cheating on their wives?”

The Hayes brothers say the last thing America needs is another Clinton administration. They also explain the difference between a democracy and a republic, and the importance of the Second Amendment and the entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s a miracle these two young men survived a lifetime of liberal “education” and media brainwashing. Maybe Donald Trump can find a place for them on his campaign team.


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