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After ISIS Killed 2 Army Rangers, Trump Goes On Offense…Look Who Got Obliterated!
By Faith Braverman|May 10, 2017

Our brave soldiers give their all to defend our country from enemies. In the end, many of our military members give the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, to keep America safe.

It’s a choice that our servicemen and women should never have to make, but former President Obama has put our military in even graver danger by arming ISIS and other jihadist groups in the Middle East.

President Trump on the other hand has made wiping ISIS off the face of the Earth a top priority, and recently dropped the “Mother of All Bombs” on ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan.

Now, President Trump’s bold leadership is getting major results, and one of our military’s biggest targets has been neutralized.

From Twitchy:

[T]he Department of Defense is confirming that Abul Hasib, the head of ISIS in Afghanistan, was killed in a combined Afghan/U.S. raid on April 27:

Two U.S. Army Rangers were killed in the raid:

Vice President Mike Pence was there to personally receive the Army Rangers, identified as Sgt. Joshua P. Rodgers, 22, and Sgt. Cameron H. Thomas, 23.

Astonishingly, liberals are now criticizing this military action purely out of hatred for Trump, claiming that the president’s foreign policy is putting soldiers in danger.

No liberals, these brave young men had their lives put at risk by the terrorist loving U.S. leftists.

After all of the money, resources, and lives that Americans have sacrificed in Afghanistan, it should not still be the threat that it is in the war against terror.

But Obama made this problem so much worse by funding terrorist groups while holding back our military.

Trump is now making sure that our soldier’s sacrifices are not in vain. The honor, dignity, and devotion that these two Army Rangers have shown to us back home deserves our respect.

We need to honor their memory and support their efforts to keep America safe from radical Islamic terrorism.

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Source: Twitchy

Faith Braverman
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