ISIS Speaks…Issues SHOCKING Statement About Trump & Khan Controversy – SICK!

Slowly but surely, the facts about Gold Star father turned DNC speechmaker Khizr Khan are coming out. The Democrats may live to regret ever giving him a platform to start a war of words with Donald Trump.

Some conservatives have used Trump’s blunt battle with Khan to double down on their charges that the GOP candidate is an “Islamophobe.” Trump’s supporters counter that Khan’s background isn’t exactly spotless. But now even ISIS is weighing in on this controversy:

According to PJ Media, Dabiq 15 — the Islamic State’s online magazine — began with a picture of Capt. Khan’s Arlington Cemetery headstone with the sickening caption, “Beware of dying as an apostate.” They went on to say that Capt. Khan’s service to America meant that he had strayed and had thus been cast into the fiery depths of the afterlife’s less desirable neighborhoods.

Just in case you thought it was just them, the writers at Dabiq 15 even quoted the Quran on the subject:

“Indeed, the Prophet said, “Whoever dies unbound by a bay’ah (pledge of allegiance) has died a jahili (ignorant of Muhammad’s teachings) death” (Muslim),” the article read.

The Democrats thrust the Khan family into the spotlight. It’s quite likely they are all wishing they’d turned down the invitation to appear at the convention. After a brief “triumph” for Hillary, that speech has put the spotlight on Khan’s involvement in bringing Muslim immigrants to the US — a clear anti-Trump conflict of interest — so much so that he took down his law firm’s website.

Now the family is in the crosshairs of ISIS itself. Of course, if the Obama White House had acted more decisively, perhaps ISIS would have been wiped out before this could have happened.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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