ISIS Straps Suicide Vest To 7 Year Old, But This Soldier’s Response Leaves Americans STUNNED [Watch]

Our president received a great deal of flack from the press and other Republicans during the debates when he told Jeb Bush that his brother’s war in Iraq was “a big fat mistake.”

But the current situation in the war torn country has only proved Trump right once again. Our intervention in Iraq, which led to the deaths of 4,486 of our servicemen and women, destabilized much of the Middle East due to poor leadership choices.

The power vacuum that occurred when the U.S. withdrew allowed ISIS to rise up and take control of some of Iraq’s largest cities, including Mosul.

The Iraqi military has been attempting to regain control of Mosul for five grueling months, and now control 60% of the Old City in the West end.

But ISIS are not giving their remaining territory up without a fight. They have been using the civilians caught in the crossfire as human shields, and are even using children to perform suicide bombing attacks.

A new video out of Mosul shows a soldier discovering a suicide belt underneath a child’s soccer jersey.

From The Daily Mail:

The boy, thought to be about seven, was seized outside the war-torn Iraqi city of Mosul after hiding among families fleeing ISIS.

A soldier can be seen gently lifting up the child’s blue shirt, bearing the name of Chelsea star Eden Hazard, to reveal what looks like an explosive belt fastened to his midriff.

In a tense two-minute clip, he then slowly snips wires and cuts away the device while telling the youngster: ‘Don’t be afraid’.

The boy tells the soldier in the video that he was sent by ISIS to target “the army”. Thankfully the soldier was able to successfully remove the vest without causing harm to either himself or the young boy.

Using this innocent child as a human bomb shows how desperate and insane ISIS has become as they approach the brink of losing the Old City, and with it the control of the al-Nusri Mosque.

The al-Nusri Mosque is a highly coveted spot for ISIS militants, after Islamic State leader Abu Bakr alâBaghdadi declared the caliphate there in July 2014.

If the Iraq military can regain control of the mosque, it would strike a devastating blow to ISIS, and help to save the  thousands of civilians still caught in the crossfire, so that no more children are forced to become battle fodder for this radical death cult.

Source: The Daily Mail

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