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BREAKING: Powerful Congressman Defies Trump…Makes Stunning Announcement On Clinton Crimes [WATCH]
By PJ Editor|November 27, 2016

Just a few days ago, Trump loyalists were stunned when the President-Elect seemed to go back on one of his most popular campaign promises – to put Hillary Clinton behind bars.

Last week, Trump told the New York Times, “I think I will explain it that we in many ways will save our country,” he said, adding that prosecuting Clinton “would be very, very divisive for the country.”

But apparently not everyone got the memo. Enter powerful California congressman Darrell Issa, one of the Clintons harshest critics…

Congressman Darrell Issa insists that the Clintons are NOT off the hot-seat and that Congress will certainly continue to investigate the Clinton Crime Family.

For example, Issa recalled that the Congress sent a letter to the Obama Department of Justice demanding that a grand jury be convened to investigate Lois Lerner and the ODoJ simply blew them off.  Donald Trump’s new AG, Jeff Sessions, isn’t likely to take that attitude and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a number of grand juries emplaneled.


Of course we want President Trump to succeed in everything he does, but on this, he is wrong. As he rightly said during the campaign, there can’t be two systems of justice – one for the rich and powerful and one for the rest of us.

Godspeed Congressman. We’re rooting for you!

Source: Joe For America

PJ Editor
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