Ivanka Trump Just Launched A Dynamite Jobs Initiative That Will Help Millions Of Average Americans

Do you know anybody who is out of work?

Are you yourself looking for a job?

Like most people in this country, the answer to either one or both of those questions is “yes.”

After 8 years of progressive economic policy under Barack Obama, millions of Americans are out of work.

It does not have to be this way. Reports show that there are countless job vacancies just waiting to be filled. Why, then, are Americans not getting those jobs?

A major reason for this discrepancy is that Americans do not have the necessary skills to work these open positions. Many open jobs require skills that traditional colleges and universities just do not teach. With more Americans receiving college degrees than ever before, the open jobs either remain vacant or get filled by non-Americans who possess the needed skillset.

Fortunately, we have a president who wants to fix this problem and put Americans back to work. As a result, he has enlisted the help of his superstar daughter Ivanka to support vocational training and apprenticeships.

From CBS News:

The administration will announce new administrative actions focused on streamlining current federal job training programs and expanding apprenticeship programs. Ivanka Trump, assistant to the president and the president’s daughter, will lead next week’s events, including what a senior White House official called a “major policy speech” by President Trump.

It is about time that people stop pushing college and start focusing on real, tangible skills.

Young people are pressured to attend college and receive traditional degrees starting in elementary school. There is a massive social stigma amongst academia and parents alike against any form of education other than college. I know several people firsthand who were forced to attend college by their parents and their teachers, even though they wanted to learn real-world skills instead.

There is nothing shameful about attending vocational school or getting an apprenticeship. Programs like these teach students how to use their hands and their minds together to make concrete progress, and our economy needs students with that ability now more than ever.

Average Americans – not the university types, but the people who work as construction workers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and craftspeople – are cheering over Ivanka’s effort.

They are sick and tired of being characterized as uneducated and useless by the academic elites. They know that their skills are absolutely vital to our economy, and finally the President of the United States and his daughter are acknowledging that fact.

The Trump administration truly wants to Make America Great Again. They are thinking outside of the box, and this announcement is just one of many long-overdue proposals to come.

Hopefully more young people will listen to Ivanka and start considering other options for the future. Our country needs to start seeing real change in this category before we can Make America Great Again.

Source: CBS News

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