CONFIRMED: “Enforcement Proceeding” Against Hillary (Justice Dept)…What Now?

Although the liberal media is working hard to bury the story, the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal is still underway.

The FBI takes this sort of thing very seriously, so you can imagine it will take more than the usual news cycle for them to come up with a verdict. But what we’ve learned recently is certainly eye opening.

Recently, Jason Leopold of Vice News, tried to gain access to FBI documents regarding the investigation. They were flagged as classified, meaning no dice.

When a U.S. District Court Judge ordered the Justice Department to at least submit a redacted copy for the public, they had this to say, according to Law Newz via Political Insider:

Attorneys with the U.S. Department of Justice say they cannot make public a classified FBI declaration because it would “adversely affect the ongoing investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The recent filing by DOJ attorneys, obtained by, is significant because it not only acknowledges the ongoing federal probe, but also asserts that if the declaration is made public, it could “reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

How very interesting.

Enforcement proceedings is a pretty strong phrase. This could mean the FBI has moved from simply investigating the case, to deciding whether or not people involved should be arrested.

Although it requires a heavy pinch of salt, this could mean Hillary Clinton is in big trouble. If the FBI finds that there was real criminal wrongdoing in regards to her private email server, no one is safe.

It might turn out that the company aiding Hillary will get the death blow.

Or perhaps Clinton will only be required to pay a hefty fine. Despite our greatest wishes, we won’t be seeing a former first lady thrown in jail any time soon.

We’ll just have to wait and see, though.

Source: The Political Insider

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