BREAKING RECORDS: How Many Millions Did Jeb Spend To Lose Three States In A Row?

Presidential campaigns have gotten progressively more expensive every campaign cycle. And this one is no exception.

In fact, records are set each year it seems by how much candidates spend, including the astronomical amount spent by Barack Obama in his first election. But Republicans are setting their own records, too.

Enter Jeb Bush…

“Bush, 63, entered the 2016 race as the presumed favorite for the Republican nomination last summer with a $103 million head start, thanks to his record-shattering fundraising spree during the first half of 2015,” reports the Huffington Post.

Jeb Bush spent a “record-shattering” $103 million to lose Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

This is a startling amount of money for a primary race, even for the storied Bush family.

But Jeb! just couldn’t connect with voters, even in a state where the sitting Senator was one of his biggest advocates and where his brother did very well in the past.

Huffington Post continues: His fall from frontrunner to afterthought has been as steady as it has been dramatic. His establishment pedigree and famous last name ultimately proved detrimental to his bid, as rank-and-file GOP primary voters in the mood for a much different kind of presidential standard-bearer could not find much to like about one whose father and brother both previously called the White House home. 

Still, as recently as last Wednesday morning, the Bush campaign had reason to believe that things might have turned out differently here.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)—a former 2016 candidate who endorsed Bush after dropping out of the race in December—had been going all out on his behalf. 

And on Monday, former President George W. Bush came out of more than seven years of political hibernation to stump for his younger brother in North Charleston, providing a boost of free media attention and a much needed jolt of energy to the candidate. 

In the end, Republican voters simply distrust politicians right now. And Jeb is a politician. No amount of money would have changed that.

Credit: Huffington Post

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