Jill Stein EXPOSED Targeting Trump States…Fox News HUMILIATES Her On Live TV! [WATCH]

The recount effort was a joke from the very beginning. Many questioned the seriousness of Green Party candidate Jill Stein as she tried to get recounts after Donald Trump’s decisive victory.

Jill Stein, as a third party candidate, got significantly fewer votes than either Trump or Clinton. A recount effort would not help her in any way. In fact, the recounts have thus far done nothing to alter the results of the election.

Some have suggested she started this crusade to tap into the frustration of democrats, in order to raise a lot of cash for her future ambitions. That’s probably true. How else can an obscure third party candidate get any attention or money without cheating the populace?

One pundit had some strong words for the women and she had very little to say in response.

From Western Journalism:

Green Party candidate Jill Stein was confronted by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Wednesday over her decision to focus on just three states for the presidential recount.

Cavuto asked why Stein’s recounts were only focused on states that President-elect Donald Trump had won, rather than one’s Hillary Clinton won by a small margin.

“It seems like you pick and choose the states you can trust,” he said. “You only go after the states that Donald Trump won.”

Stein justified her decision to choose Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania because those states were “red-flagged” for problematic voting machines.

Cavuto countered with the fact that there were states that Hillary won with similar allegations. Stein made excuses.

It’s clear this recount effort will produce nothing tangible to sway Trump’s historic win. It only is another example of bitter liberals who refuse to acknowledge reality and move on with their lives.

Source: Western Journalism

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