Lynch’s BS Excuse For Letting Hillary Off DESTROYED…She Has No Answer For THIS! – BRUTAL

Let’s hope Loretta Lynch’s secret meeting with Bill Clinton was worth it. The Attorney General is being grilled mercilessly by the House Judiciary Committee about her decision not to prosecute Hillary.

While under oath, Lynch stuck to her story that she had simply deferred to the FBI’s recommendation not to press charges. She also defended her decision not to recuse herself despite acknowledging the perception of an “improper” relationship between herself and the former president, thanks to that meeting just days before the FBI announced their findings.

About that meeting, Lynch testified that, “even before I had landed in Phoenix, I had made a decision.”

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio jumped at that statement:

I think your actions made it worse. I really do. I think a lot of people already think that there are two systems, as many have talked about: one for we, the people, a different one, a entirely different one for the politically connected. You’re a former secretary of state, former senator, nominee for president, your husband meets with the — meets with you, five days before the decision is announced. (…)

You contribute — your actions contribute to this belief that the system is rigged and that — you made a bad situation worse by saying, “I’m going to do whatever they recommend, even though I don’t know what the recommendations are.” I don’t know anyone who would conduct themselves that way when they are the ultimate decider.

While undergoing this interrogation, Lynch is probably consoling herself with thoughts of all the promises Bill Clinton made to her on that plane in Arizona.

Source: Breitbart

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