Joke’s On Hillary …She IGNORES THIS Warning To Stop Using Email!

Oh, the irony. Via email, Hillary Clinton was warned about using email to share secret info.

Clinton, obviously, didn’t listen. And why would she? She and her inner circle of criminals live by their own rules and consider themselves free from consequence, because the Clintons have always gotten away with the worst derelictions of duty.

Then Julian Assange showed up and started digging through all of her “deleted emails.”

As Edmund Kozak reports at Lifezette:

[Clinton] asked [Campaign Chair John] Podesta if he had “any idea whose fighters attacked Islamist positions in Tripoli, Libya,” which was “worth analyzing for future purposes,” according to Clinton.

Podesta quickly recognized the conversation shouldn’t be happening on Gmail and Clinton’s “Clintonemail” server. “Yes, and interesting, but not for this channel,” he warned.

Another email dumped by WikiLeaks suggests Podesta was warned in 2008 about the dangers of communicating sensitive information on unsecured servers.

Obama’s first Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told another staffer in 2008 that he too couldn’t believe Clinton was being so careless. Obama’s team wanted a meeting with Podesta to try to break Hillary’s bad habit.

Besides evidence to the length of this problem, these revelations speak to Clinton’s arrogance, disregard for national security and how she ignored numerous objections to her lazy email set-up.

Credit: Lifezette

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