BREAKING: Federal Judge Drops BOMBSHELL On Obama…TERRIBLE News For Hillary!

The more we learn about Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, the more we learn the woman is a danger to the United States. She used her position of influence to not only garner favors from foreign countries and disrupt the sovereignty of nations, but she intimidated U.S. agencies.

Now we are learning that Obama-appointed leaders are cracking down on Clinton’s suspicious dealings.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a bombshell ruling certain to have both scandal-plagued presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama squirming, a federal judge has ordered the administration to hand over a selection of Clinton’s email exchanges with a federal agency to the Republican National Committee.

The open records lawsuit specifically sought communications between USAID and Clintons top staffers during her tenure at the State Department, as well as certain individuals tied to the Clinton Foundation. At issue were allegations that the foundation exerted undue influence on the federal agency whose sole purpose is to disperse U.S. taxpayer funds to various recipients around the globe for “international development.”

The agency in question, USAID, is responsible for supplying aid and support to countries around the world. Founded after WWII to help rebuilding Europe, the agency mostly supplies infrastructure support to third world countries. They are crucial to helping impoverished regions climb out of the dark ages and improve their quality of life.

So it makes perfect sense that a vampire like Clinton would want to manipulate such an important agency. We know she used U.S. foreign aid as a chip to manipulate countries like Haiti. In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, she threatened to withdraw aid from the nation in order to control the outcome of their elections.

It worked and Haiti has been suffering ever since.

The emails in question will undoubtedly reveal more criminal behavior by the State Department on behalf of Clinton. Who knows how many countries she tried to strong arm?

The judge gave the agency until July 11 to begin releasing the communications, along with an order to set a schedule for the release of all additional communications after that.

If you’re still wondering why Clinton wanted to use a private email server, this is why. She wanted to hide her illegal doings from the eyes of the federal government. Now all her back-alley dealings are coming to light, at the worst possible time: when she’s trying to grab the White House.

Unfortunately for her, Hillary’s past is about to bury her.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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