WHOA! What A Federal Judge Just Did TERRIFIES Clinton Campaign…This Is HUGE!

You helped Hillary Clinton get rich! Shocking, you say?

You’ve never given a dime to the Clinton Foundation or paid exorbitant sums to hear her speak.

All true, but your contributions were involuntary, you see: More evidence is emerging that Hillary Clinton met with Foundation donors on your dime, while allegedly working for Americans as Secretary of State.

Now the investigation into the Clinton Foundation is expanding and the Clinton campaign can’t be happy!

At National Review, Brendan Bordelon reports on a federal judge’s new order:

Citizens United is slated to receive all e-mails sent to and from Lona Valmoro, Clinton’s State Department scheduler, in the two-week periods before each of 14 international trips Clinton took during her four years in office. David Bossie, president of Citizens United, hopes to confirm suspicions that Clinton maintained an off-the-books schedule, meeting with Clinton Foundation donors on the taxpayer’s dime. “Citizens United wants to know how many overseas dinners Secretary Clinton attended with Clinton Foundation donors that didn’t make it on her schedule,” he says. (…)

As part of a joint filing with the State Department on Monday, Citizens United presented the judge with several pieces of evidence suggesting Valmoro deliberately struck from the official schedule a December 6, 2012, dinner in Dublin, Ireland, with several Clinton Foundation and Clinton campaign donors, organized by Teneo co-founder Declan Kelly. Though Valmoro was made aware of the Dublin meeting through an earlier e-mail chain, neither Clinton’s archived daily calendar nor her detailed official schedule make any note of it.

Judge Rosemary Collyer ordered the State Department to produce 500 of Valmoro’s emails before August 30, and another 500 each month until all messages relating to these overseas trip are released.

That’s a lot of evidence between now and the election.

Will it still be too little, too late or is Hillary getting closer and closer to judgement day for her years of corruption?

Source: National Review

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