Judge Napolitano: Clinton Is OVER…Sanders Will Be Nominee For 1 Simple Reason [WATCH]

A spectre has hung over this election; a creature straight out of the nightmares of Hilary Clinton and the Democratic National Party. It threatens to upend the campaign and make a crazy old communist the nominee of the Democrats, at the very moment she is finishing him off.

Hot Air has more…

Despite Sanders’ repeated objections, the former Secretary of State is moving on and beginning the search for her Vice Presidential candidate. But Bernie still has one hope left and it comes in the form of those ever present footsteps of James Comey haunting Hillary’s nightmares. Will the FBI and the Justice Department come calling any time soon with an indictment which would throw the Democrats’ White House hopes for a loop?

Judge Andrew Napolitano says the evidence is overwhelming, but corrupt politicians could still save her…

Source: Hot Air

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