Hillary Had His Internet Cut…Now Julian Assange Has Taken His BRUTAL Revenge!

Whistleblower website WikiLeaks has shaken the DNC to its core, by releasing thousands of emails that expose the depths of corruption of this once respected party.

The sheer amount of fraud, dishonesty, and criminal activity on the part of Hillary, the media, and the Democratic Party is enough to get them all thrown into jail–if we had a Justice Department that actually worked.

Instead we can be confident that these massive revelations will seal Hillary’s fate, as throngs of Americans are waking up to her corruption. However, the Obama administration, forced to support Crooked Hillary, sicced their dog John Kerry on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Kerry used his influence to get Julian–who is in asylum in the UK–cut off from the Internet. While there is a campaign to set this right, it is yet another smoking gun to the Democrat’s vast corruption.

But the damage’s been done. The world has seen Hillary’s vile under belly. There’s no going back.

From Mad World News:

While it’s difficult to weed through the thousands of emails to find the important stuff, the following is a list of the 13 most damning emails that show straight-up acts of treason on Hillary Clinton’s part, as nicely constructed by Conservative Byte:

Hillary’s 13 Acts of Treason against the United States

  1. Qatar gives Bill Clinton $1,000,000 for his birthday:
  2. Saudi Sheikh won’t donate money to Clinton Foundation unless he receives a phone call from Bill Clinton. Staff responds: Bill won’t do it “unless Sheikh Mo has sent us a $6 million check”:
  3. Iran Deal (which Hillary negotiated and defends) “condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf”. John Podesta responds with “Yup”:
  4. Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta owned 75,000 shares in Putin-connected energy company:
  5. Transcripts from Hillary Clinton’s lucrative closed-door paid speeches delivered to elite financial firms and other special interests groups (which she has refused and failed to disclose to the public after much demand) have finally surfaced:
    https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/927 (See Attachment)
  6. Clinton staff conspiring to stage ‘leaking’ of favorable excerpts from wall street speech, in efforts to calm down the public while leaving out more damaging parts:
  7. Leaked private speech, Clinton: “You Need Both A Public And A Private Position”:
  8. Leaked private speech, Clinton: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with
    open trade and open borders”:
  9. Leaked private speech transcript shows Clinton’s warm ties to Wall Street’s most powerful figures: Clinton: “There is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives” The pressure on officials to sell or divest assets in order to serve, she added, had become “very onerous and unnecessary”:
  10. Leaked private speech to Goldman Sachs, Clinton:Wall Street was only accountable for the financial crisis for political reasons. The blame placed on the United States banking system for the crisis “could have been avoided in terms of both misunderstanding and really politicizing what happened”:
  11. Leaked private speech, Clinton: US will “ring China with missile defense” and has right to rename Pacific Ocean the “American Sea”:
    https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/927 (See attachment)
  12. Hillary Clinton flipped her public position on TPP after her team discussed how she would be “eaten alive” by Labor:
  13. Clinton speechwriter:We are trying to find a good way to leak her opposition to the pipeline without her having to actually say it”:

It’s an overwhelming list of corruption. And as more emails are released and more people dig through them, I’m sure we’ll learn more about what Hillary and her cronies have done to pervert law and justice.

The only thing we can do now is spread the word. Make sure everyone you know has heard about Hillary’s corruption. We need every last voting American to understand just what a dangerous person she is.

Early voting is underway in many states, leading up to the all important Election Day. Don’t leave this election to chance. Get your votes in early, either at the polls or via mail-in ballets. Mark November 8 on your calendar.

Tell Hillary and her cabal that she’s not going to win ever again.

Source: Mad World News

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