Bad To WORSE…Colin Kaepernick Outrages America AGAIN With This Disgusting Act! – PATHETIC

A lot is being said about the bizarre behavior of the once-respected NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Recently he was seen refusing to stand for the National Anthem, claiming he would not respect a nation that “oppressed black people.”

This, coming from a man who is earning over $19 million dollars to throw a ball around a field.

The backlash has been strong and steady. While clueless liberals and the media defend the man, the vast majority of Americans–especially NFL fans–are outraged and disgusted.

But wait, there’s more! At a recent press conference the 49er was seen wearing a TV that makes him look like an even bigger idiot.

From Independent Journal:

The t-shirt he donned shows Malcolm X and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro with the caption “Like Minds Think Alike.”

You can imagine the storm that ensured across social media, as Americans were shocked to see a man who attacked America, wearing a shirt that supported one of the worst leaders in recent history.

Fidel Castro ruled Cuba with an iron fist for decades. He oppressed generations of people, inflicting miserable standards of life, preventing them from even enjoying the most basic freedoms.

Independent Journal reached out to a former victim of Castro’s evil. They interviewed Sergio J. Sixto, a man imprisoned during Castro’s reign of terror, who later escaped to America. The man’s testimony is proof of the evil of Fidel’s Cuba and the hypocrisy of young, stupid Kaepernick.

During his time in prison, Sergio lost fifty pounds and was only able to survive because of occasional visits from his wife who brought him food. Like many of the other prisoners there, Sixto was only able to get oxygen through a small hole at the bottom of the prison cell door.

Some people had health issues that developed because of this and died.

After learning of the football player’s apparent support for Castro, Sixto gave Kaepernick a real piece of his mind. He said:

 “If that guy had a dictator like the Castro’s for 57 years in power in his country, he would know what it’s like to really be oppressed. Especially for black people. Black people are the most repressed in the country. The prisons are filled with them mostly.

There are more than 100 thousand people in Cuba that died in Cuba because of the Castros. There are 3 million people in exile from the country. If he would know what it’s like living in Cuba, he would know what it’s like to be an oppressed black man.”


Isn’t it ironic how people like Malcolm X and now Kaepernick endorsed Castro, yet trashed the United States? As our nation made strides to change and improve the lives of black Americans, Castro went out of his way to persecute and oppress black citizens, in ways unheard of in America.

How can Kaepernick be that stupid? Is it perhaps because he is a rich, entitled punk who is just following a trend to fit in with his liberal buddies in the media? Is it perhaps because he has bought into the dumbest and most deceptive notions of Black Lives Matter, a group built on manipulating the ignorance of black Americans?

Yes, yes it is.

Source: Independent Journal

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