WHAT?! Tim Kaine Wants To Follow MUSLIM Example! Here’s His Plan For America…

Tim Kaine seemed like the safe, moderate pick for Hillary for Vice-President.

He was the apparently successful governor of Virginia, and was able to head up the DNC without getting let go (like his successor Debbie Wasserman Schultz).  He has had to waffle on some key issues like abortion now that he has been thrown into the spotlight, but it seemed that at the very least he woudn’t hurt her chances.

It looks like he’s about to tank them.

At a North Carolina campaign rally Kaine thought he had some powerful statistics up his sleeve to make the case for Hillary in the White House.  The Washington Examiner reports:

Vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., said Tuesday that the United States has made it difficult for women to be elected to higher office, and argued that America ranks behind Iraq, Afghanistan and Rwanda in this area.

“But in Congress right now, we’re doing the best job we have ever done in women in the federal legislature: 19 percent. That’s the best job we’ve ever done,” he said.

“Hold on for this, folks. Nineteen percent ranks the United States 75th in the world, below the global average,” he said. “Iraq is 26 percent. Afghanistan is 28 percent. Number one [is] Rwanda. Sixty-four percent. So for reasons, some of which I understand, some of which I don’t, we have made it hard. We have made it hard for women to be elected to the highest positions in our federal legislature and as president,” he added.

There are many Americans who are planning to cast their vote for Hillary solely because she is a woman, just like they voted for Barack Obama because of his skin color.  Democrats are unashamed to use the gender card and the race card, but what no one seems to understand is why they would want a woman like Hillary Clinton to be the woman who represents them.  If it must be a woman, then why not a qualified one?

And that is what makes this statement by Kaine so ludicrous.  Let’s vote in a woman—Afghanistan is doing it!  A culture that practices genital mutilation and doesn’t allow women to drive: that’s the example liberals want us to follow.  How about let’s be Americans—let’s choose our leadership based on their merits, their character, and what they have accomplished, not by the color of their skin or whether they are a man or a woman.

If Americans really looked at the merits of the candidates in this race, it would be no contest.  None at all.

Source: Washington Examiner

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