HOLY CRAP! – The Kardashians Are Falling APART…All Because of Donald Trump?!

Celebrity culture has been a scourge on society ever since the conception of reality television. Overnight, individuals with neither talent nor substance are made famous, simply because they’re on television.

No family has embodied this more than the Kardashians, and their show on E! has led to them becoming household names.

However, their show glorifies all that is wrong with today’s culture. Each family member has been embroiled in scandal, whether it’s Bruce…er Caitlyn Jenner deciding that he’s a woman (even though biologically he never will be) or Khloe Kardashian driving NBA star Lamar Odom to nearly take his life.

The total disasters the Kardashians have become shows that becoming a celebrity by exposing your personal life to the cameras has its downsides.

But it seems America may finally be waking up, and turning them off.

From Red Alert Politics:

The first family of reality TV aired its season 13 premiere of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on E! on March 12th, and the ratings have been less than stellar. Its March 12th episode brought in a 1.48 rating, making it one of the series’ least watched season premieres in the show’s run since 2008.

If Kim & co. are looking to point the finger, better point it at Washington. In the four months since Trump was elected and two months since he’s been in office, all eyes have been on the former Apprentice star. From his press conferences in which he rips the media a new one to his Twitter habits blowing up the internet, Donald Trump has essentially sucked all the oxygen out of the room for reality TV stars trying to give people an escape from politics.

Well of course they’re trying to blame each other in their little bubble, but a bigger picture review reveals that one thing has changed in everyone’s life in 2017: Donald Trump.

Who would have ever guessed that Donald Trump, a former reality TV star himself, would be the one to finally get everyday Americans engaged with politics over whether or not Kim and Kanye are having a baby?

The drama unfolding daily at the White House rivals the trivial and canned drama of the Kardashians. Now that it’s a Republican running the show and not mincing words about the changes we need, people suddenly care about watching the news.

When it was Obama running the show, most liberals would much rather have tuned in to E! than to see that their lord and savior Obama was drone striking children.

The Kardashian’s phoniness and contrived nonsense for television isn’t lulling Americans into a stupor anymore, distracting them from the impact government has on their lives. Whether you love Trump or hate him, that is something we should all celebrate.

Source: Red Alert Politics

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