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KARMA! Kathy Griffin’s Nightmare Just Got Even Worse…She Never Thought She’d Lose THIS!
By Faith Braverman|June 5, 2017

Liberal Hollywood appears to be doing everything in its power to secure the midterm elections for the Republicans.

Americans are fed up with their elitist attitude, and the free market is beginning to have its way with the entertainment industry.

Kathy Griffin is learning this the hard way and is now paying dearly for her latest publicity stunt.

Who knew that pretending to decapitate the president could backfire?

While some celebrities have rushed to defend the D-list comedian, others have been condemning her actions.

But her only sponsor, the “Squatty Potty,” has dropped her like a turd, and what was left of her career now appears to be fully flushed.

From The Daily Wire:

CNN (after waiting nearly a day) decided to can Griffin from her annual New Year’s Eve appearance (where she flips people the bird and makes Anderson Cooper giggle like a school girl). And every single one of her upcoming gigs for her comedy show has been canceled. Every. Single. One.

“Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins Tour” (hilarious!) had planned seven stops, a few in California, a few more around New York City, and one in New Mexico. 

A New Jersey venue that had booked Griffin was the last holdout, but they too decided to cancel her scheduled appearance. After they announced the move on their Twitter page, people were quick to praise the Bergen Performing Arts Center.

Some celebrities have yet to learn that the first amendment does not protect them from the consequences of their actions.

Colin Kaepernick insisted on using his freedom of speech to bash America, and then seemed surprised when no NFL teams wanted to work with him.

Acting like you’re decisions are exempt from criticism doesn’t mean that they are. Despite Kathy Griffin’s fake apology, she has gone from the D-list to the Z-list. Hopefully this sends a clear message to Hollywood that these anti-American messages will no longer be tolerated by everyday Americans.

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Source: The Daily Wire

Faith Braverman
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