KARMA: Muslim CNN Host Calls Trump A Piece of S***…Guess What Happened Next?

Remember when the media used to be honest and decent?

Maybe not, because those days were a long, long time ago. The mainstream media has come an extraordinarily long way since then, and in the entirely wrong direction.

Most recently, CNN host Reza Aslan of Believer with Reza Aslan called President Trump a “piece of s***” for suggesting that we need a travel ban in order to stay safe from terrorist attacks.

Fortunately, CNN decided to get rid of Aslan’s show in response to his despicable words.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

Triggered by CNN host Reza Aslan’s incendiary rhetoric regarding President Trump, one example including him calling Trump a “piece of s***,” CNN has decided to drop his non-fiction show, Believer with Reza Aslan.

CNN released a statement, saying, “CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series ‘Believer.’ We wish Reza and his production team all the best.”

Aslan had responded to this tweet from Trump about his “travel ban.” 

It is about time that the mainstream media realized it simply cannot keep spewing unwarranted hate. It is impossible for the media to maintain its integrity while simultaneously using these disgusting words to refer to the President of the United States. That is why Aslan was punished for his actions.

Nevertheless, CNN’s move does nothing to address the underlying issues.

The mainstream media is still wholly biased against the President. Even since before Trump was elected, the media has pushed its “fake news” agenda to spread lies about conservatives and anyone else who dares to oppose their version of reality.

Additionally, Aslan made it clear that liberals still think it is acceptable to name-call. This practice enforces PC culture, and it establishes an environment in which the freedom of speech is no longer guaranteed.

Aslan set a horrific example for young liberals. Regardless of the status of his show, liberals now think it is perfectly acceptable to refer to the President with obscenities whenever they disagree with his policies.

By all means, the First Amendment allows people to say whatever they want. Nevertheless, those who value civil discourse and common decency need to set a positive example for young people. Respect is something that has been all but completely forgotten in this day and age.

Lastly, this question still lingers in the air: Why do liberals think that wanting to protect American citizens makes someone a “piece of s***?”

Wanting to stop terrorists from infiltrating our country does not make someone a bad person. Wanting to save American lives by not having open borders does not make someone ignorant. Why, then, do liberals insist upon making it seem that way?

The American people do not want to suffer the same fate as their European counterparts, but the Left fails to understand this.

Maybe we need to elect more “piece[s] of s***” if we want to have a safe future.

Source: The Daily Wire

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