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KARMA: Watch Hillary Get Humiliated In The WORST Possible Way!
By Faith Braverman|May 10, 2017

When Donald Trump soundly defeated Hillary Clinton in November 2016, she blamed everyone but herself and set the Guinness World Book of Records for the sorest loser in history.  And he liberals snowflake minions followed right along.

Now a world leader is showing Crooked Hillary how to lose the right way, and boy is it humiliating!

When Front National candidate Marine Le Pen lost her bid for the presidency of France, her supporters were devastated. They viewed Le Pen’s victory as France’s last hope to reclaim their country back from the Muslim migrants taking over it.

No one could have been more disappointed about the election results than Le Pen herself, who poured her heart and soul into her campaign.

But after the election, Le Pen didn’t blame anti-feminism, Russia, or Wikileaks for her loss. She called her opponent Macron to congratulate him and offered her services. She faced her millions of supporters and called on them to continue fighting the battle in France.

And then, she boogied!

Video surfaced of Le Pen dancing with supporters, staff and friends to classic hits like “YMCA” and “I Love Rock n’ Roll.”


From Bizpac Review:

After her concession she also celebrated with Macron’s wife Brigitte and his supporters outside of the Louvre in Paris, in a show of unity.

“I congratulate him on his election because I have the best interests of the country at heart, I wish him success,” she said.

Many noticed the remarkable difference between how Le Pen handled her loss over how Hillary Clinton handled hers.

In fact, rumors abound that Hillary Clinton was so upset over her defeat that she threw a $950,000 bottle of champagne at the TV in her room on election night!

Clinton is also so consumed by sour grapes that she has not offered President Trump any sort of support the way Le Pen has to her opponent. Instead, Clinton has chosen to be part of “the resistance” against the president, seeking to further divide the country as she tries desperately to cling to the spotlight.

But for Le Pen, wallowing in despair, throwing objects, and blaming others is not an option. Le Pen has instead chosen to embrace this next chapter of her life with a positive attitude, a smile, and some surprisingly good dance moves.

Take note Hillary, this is how a real woman faces adversity!

Source: BizPac Review

Faith Braverman
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