Kasparian Claims Illegals Get No Welfare, Ann Coulter’s Response Has Audience In Stitches!!

Political debates remain a fantastic forum for the civil discussion of opposing viewpoints without all the bluster that’s inherent in day-to-day coverage of politics.

Those that come equipped with facts to bolster their arguments can raise their profiles in a hurry. The opposite is also true for those that throw out nonsensical statements that are easily disproven.

Our latest entrant into the latter category is Ana Kasparian, whose claim to fame is being part of an online news show known as The Young Turks.

The Daily Wire shares the scoop on what she had to say during a debate at 2017’s Politicon.

KASPARIAN: All it takes is a quick Google search to find that undocumented immigrants have no access to government benefits. In fact, in 1996, Bill Clinton and legislators at the time made it incredibly difficult for immigrants who were in the country legally to have access to government benefits or get government programs. And so, it’s a complete fear-mongering talking point from the Right that people are coming into this country, and they’re mooching off American taxpayers. The only people who are mooching off of American taxpayers right now are oil companies and the wealthiest people.

Unfortunately for Kasparian, she was debating conservative commentator Ann Coulter, who was more than happy to put her in her place while setting the record straight.

COULTER: It is a total lie that illegal immigrants do not get all kinds of government assistance. Please, do Google that. But don’t just look up; any idiot can write on the internet. Look it up. They can get food stamps; they can go into emergency rooms; they get schooling; they get English as a second language; they get the SNAP program. Whoa, they get full health care in California.

Watching Coulter wipe the mat with Kasparian is one of the more entertaining things you’ll see all day, and we encourage you to check out the below video.

As for those on the Left that feel their talking points are stronger than facts, the jig is clearly up on that.

While it may get you a cheap pop from those that exist in the liberal echo chamber, your credibility will be completely destroyed in the minds of an increasingly informed electorate.

Source: The Daily Wire

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