One Week In, Chief of Staff Kelly Makes 3 Seismic Changes To White House

When President Trump dismissed Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff, people were talking.

They wondered how the new chief, one John Kelly, would operate in such a critical position.

As it turns out, pretty well. The strict, uncompromising leader is whipping the White House into shape. And no one is spared.

From Allen B. West:

To illustrate, the Journal (via Zero Hedge) recounted an anecdote from earlier this week, as a small group of senior officials talked with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office about plans to take on Beijing over intellectual-property theft.

When a side debate broke out between two top aides, the new White House chief of staff ordered the pair out of the room…

In addition, Kelly has put an end to the free flow of paperwork across the president’s desk, and instituted a more formal process for setting up meetings.

Mr. Kelly laid down clear lines of authority and ordered aides to stay in their lanes.

Discussions with senators, U.S. House members or others on Capitol Hill must be reported to the White House’s legislative affairs director, Marc Short. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Mr. Kelly said, must know about meetings with foreign diplomats…

Aides can no longer simply loiter outside the Oval Office door, trying to catch a moment with the president – nor can they do that outside Kelly’s office either.

And nobody is spared Kelly’s rules — nobody, including son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump or even Steven Bannon. Everyone now reports to Kelly instead of directly to the president.

This all sounds like a sharp turnaround for the White House, but I’m sure it was needed. Staff can become lax without clear discipline, even in the highest office in the land. With Kelly’s firm but fair approach, more work will get done.

And those pesky leaks will be nipped in the bud.

With such a smooth-functioning office, there will be little room for less-than-loyal staffers to let secrets slip. Only those that are scheduled to meet and talk with the President will be able to. Everyone else will be required to get the job done. As it should be.

Time will tell how Kelly’s approach will impact the administration. Already Trump has done amazing things, keeping his campaign promises. In the years to come, who knows how much will be done for the United States?

Source: Allen B. West

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