BOOYAH: Kellyanne Conway DESTROYS Liberal’s ‘Fake News’ Cries…This Is HYSTERICAL![Watch]

In their struggle to explain how Hillary Clinton could lose to Donald Trump, the Democrats and other assorted liberals have really conjured up some whoppers.  First, standard leftist explanations were tried.  You know the standard accusations of the playground bullies on the left very well:  Trump appealed to racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and other silly ideas that I cannot recall at the moment.  When those explanations fell flat, our liberal friends moved from the typical to the bizarre.

They then asked Americans to believe that the Russians were to blame, accusing Putin of coordinating with so-called “fake news” sites in the US to deprive Hillary of her rightful victory.  It was so obvious, right?  After all, Mr. Trump said he prefers to get along with Russia and Putin as opposed to provoking a nuclear war.  Anyone engaging in such provocative rhetoric is clearly a menace to the world.

Since that one hasn’t worked, perhaps Hillary’s humiliating defeat at the hands of The Donald might next be blamed on the Martians, although time and viewers’ patience with the ridiculous might preclude the use of that one.

Never to be considered was the possibility that Hillary was a lousy candidate – untrustworthy, obnoxious, corrupt, crooked, boring, scheming, liberal, detached from the average voter … and you can finish the list in your spare time.

Let’s get back to this whole “fake news” buffoonery, and enjoy seeing it blown out of the water.

It’s a crazy notion, especially when one proposes that Russia was feeding these “fake news” outlets and somehow orchestrating all of this to Trump’s benefit.  As Michelle Jesse of Allen West’s site puts it, “One of the increasingly popular targets for Democrats has become what they deem ‘fake news.’ President Obama has vocally decried both ‘fake’ and Fox News for their influence in both the outcome of the election and his own failed legacy.”

Michelle Jesse then gets to the real meat of the issue, “Of course, what they’re really upset about is the fact that, thanks to alternative media, liberals no longer have a lock on controlling the information the American public receives. And truth, it turns out, is not helpful to Democrats and their policies.”  Correct.

Perhaps the most devastating blow to all this “fake news” nonsense came at Harvard when Trump’s Kellyanne Conway obliterated Clinton apparatchik Robby Mook with this one-liner: “I think the biggest fake news in this election was was that Donald Trump couldn’t win.”  And with that Mook and the Democrats needed to head to the showers.

How often did we hear the liberal dogma that Trump was not a “serious” candidate and could not possibly win the election?  Obama said it, which is understandable since he was desperate for Hillary to follow him in the White House.  But the mainstream media repeated it ad nauseam beginning with the early days of the primary, continuing right through to election day.  Happily, they could not have been more wrong.

Of course, this denigration of Trump and the idea that he had any chance of winning was just an attempt to create the result by predicting it with apparent certitude.

What we can be certain of is that Mr. Mook looked pathetic after Kellyanne sent him packing.  If you wish to enjoy a recording of this historic smack-down, here’s the YouTube video for your enjoyment.

Source:  Allen B. West

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