Kellyanne Conway’s Likely Trump Job Revealed…No One Expected THIS!

What’s next for Kellyanne Conway? She’s widely credited with helping Donald Trump achieve his sweeping, historic victory, one that many said was an impossible achievement.

Conway could pretty much write her own ticket at this point. Rumors are swirling about what the first woman to run a winning presidential campaign will do now.

According to the Washington Post, it looks like this key Trump Team player may be taking her cue from, of all people, Barack Obama.

After his election, the Democrats put together Organizing for America, to keep the grassroots voters who put Obama in power energized and active:

Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said in an interview Monday that she is considering leading a group being formed that will provide “a surround-sound super structure” to bolster the new administration’s political and policy goals.

At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey presents an in-depth analysis of what a Republican “Organizing for America” would look like, and wonders if, in fact, it would be a waste of time, money and effort:

Obama’s organization was massive and well-tuned for grassroots action. Trump’s organization was somewhat underestimated, but still didn’t have anywhere near the scope of the Obama campaigns and OFA. Obama depended on unions and college students for a significant part of that effort, two groups with (a) time on their hands and (b) organizational inclination toward top-down hierarchies for bottom-up action. Trump’s movement consists of suburban and exurban voters, mainly working-class people from Middle America using their time to keep the lights on and the roof from leaking. They don’t Occupy; they rent, or work to keep up with the mortgage. (…)

Having an auxiliary grassroots organization to back an agenda may not hurt, but there’s not much evidence that it helps much either.

It seems odd that the Trump team, which won by throwing out the traditional campaign “rulebook,” is now looking to the far-left Obama/Democratic model for inspiration.

Maybe Kellyanne Conway’s considerable talents would be put to better use elsewhere.

Source: Hot Air

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