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Kellyanne Unleashes HELL On Hillary…Even Democrats Are CHEERING Her On!
By Faith Braverman|May 5, 2017

Hillary Clinton has been making her rounds in the media again recently. Despite the election being seven months ago, it’s all the failed presidential candidate seems to want to talk about.

The problem is, she’s refusing to admit any sort of responsibility for her role in why her campaign sank, blaming Wikileaks, Comey, and everyone but herself for her loss.

Her latest stop on her Blame Game Tour was ABC News, where her Clinton Foundation patron George Stephanopoulos works.

Hillary’s interview is unwatchable for those that know the truth behind why her campaign failed. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is one such American, and she shared some hard truths with Clinton about why her candidacy was doomed.

From Yes I’m Right:

[Clinton] is in a deep state of denial that she is truly the one to blame. She may not know the reasons why, but we do. And so does Kellyanne Conway who unloaded the top four reasons why she lost in a tweet aimed directly at Clinton.

Conway’s winning tweet makes excellent points, but Twitter’s 140 character limit keeps her from going even further into why Clinton lost.

Clinton proved over and over throughout her career that she could not be trusted in any role she filled. As First Lady, she was caught unethically firing employees so that she could stack the White House with her loyalists.

And while she was Secretary of State, she became the Butcher of Benghazi.

After years and years of scandals, why would anyone with a functioning brain consider Clinton for the highest office in this nation? The fact that Trump won proves there are still enough people in America that can spot a fraud when they see one.

The Clinton’s have made victimization a science, as is Democrat policy.

Hillary can blame Comey, Russia, and Wikileaks till she’s blue in the face, but it was her own lack of integrity that caused her downfall.

Clinton really needs to grow up.

Source: Yes I’m Right

Faith Braverman
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