Awesome: Kerry Stuns With Betrayal, Trump Fires Back…Democrats Are Humiliated!

Under the Obama administration, our allies have suffered from disrespect and poor treatment.

During the NSA whistleblowing, we learned the U.S. government was spying on European allies’ leadership like Angela Merkel. When the United Kingdom was contemplating leaving the EU, Obama had the audacity to threaten them, saying they would be at the “back of the queue” for U.S. aid.

But that is nothing compared to his treatment of Israel. Despite promises as support for the long-time ally, Obama’s administration has neglected Israel. Clearly it seems his people have been working against the nation, as evidenced by the decisions they are making.

Most recently has been the U.S.’s refusal to veto an insulting U.N. resolution that condemns Israel’s to build settlements. Now we learn of Secretary of State John Kerry’s critical words towards the nation is his final foreign policy speech.

From IJR:

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday urged Israel to “stay strong” until he moves into the White House, signaling that U.S. policy toward the Jewish nation would be shifting under his administration.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry delivered his final foreign policy speech on Israel and Palestine on Wednesday, claiming a two-state solution is the “only way” to achieve lasting peace in the region.

Israeli officials slammed the planned speech, calling it “pathetic” and “ignorant,” CBS News reported.

Israel is a nation surrounded by enemies. They have fought to restore their nation’s historical land and have their own identity, in a world that frequently seeks to destroy the Jewish people.

For decades they have had the support of nations like the United States and England, stalwart allies against the many that wish to destroy them. Yet under Obama, we’ve seen our support for Israel decline; its only gotten worse in recent days.

But President-elect Donald Trump refuses to let this stay the norm, as evidenced by his recent remarks.

You better believe that come January 20, the U.S. and Israel will enjoy much better relations. The policies that have put them in danger, such as the Iran deal, will be swiftly dealt with. The United States will once again support its ally in the United Nations, even if that means hitting that organization with punishments of its own.

We must hope that nothing drastic happens in the coming days before the inauguration or that Obama doesn’t try to pull one last scheme.

Source: IJR

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