KKK Grand Wizard ENDORSES Presidential Candidate…No One Expected THIS! [WATCH]

Much has been said about the KKK’s association with the general election. Too much. The media has been using this ever-shrinking organization as some kind of litmus test for the candidates, giving White Supremacists a shocking amount of influence over the conversation.

The fact is, many people–who are a part of the Klan or similar groups–are voting Americans. They will decide for whom they want to support, based on their own politics and views. That’s the end of the conversation.

You may agree or disagree with their ideology. You may think they are disgusting, racist, and hate-filled. Or you may sympathize with them. That will not change the reality that there are bigger issues at stake in this election and the constant pointing to this minority only masks those issues.

Hillary Clinton has tried to pin Trump as a racists, drawing unwarranted connections to him and the KKK. She started this dialoguing, giving the hate group more and more attention in the media. While some members of the Klan have endorsed Trump, there are even more shocking connections between it and Hillary.

So we have to address it. We cannot let Hillary and her cronies control the conversation. Yes, she started this dialogue, so we’ll end it. The truth of the matter is, there are more members of the KKK in support of the democratic nominee than there are for the GOP.

We’ve talked about her ties to Klan recruiter Sen. Robert Byrd. We talked about the $20,000 given to her campaign by White Supremacists.

Now here’s this little chestnut: a video from a California-area Klan leader, spouting off a litany of nonsense. In it, the unstable-looking man espouses the virtues of Hitler, defends the KKK, and even denies the Holocaust.

Wait for the end, though, when he endorses Hillary Clinton for president.

So there ya go, we’re talking about the KKK again. Thank you, Hillary. This is all because of your lies and deceptive narratives.

Her continual refusal of reality has created a fantasy world that is propagated by the liberal media. We all suffer because Crooked Hillary wants to hide the truth. But in fact, all her lying is giving voice to the most dangerous in our society, which includes radical groups like the KKK and Black Lives Matter.

It will only get worse, should she gain the White House.

Source: YouTube

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