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After Korea Threat, Japan Pulls SHOCKING Military Maneuver…And Americans Are CHEERING!
By Kay Johnson|May 3, 2017

Japan and America have a complicated history.

Our former adversaries during the second World War put up a formidable fight, and the turmoil between our two nations was once a terrifying threat to global stability.

But America is known worldwide for its military might, and against all odds, our country persevered in the South Pacific.

Japan has now traded imperialism for democracy, and their nation has thrived as a result.

The Land of the Rising Sun is now one of America’s strongest allies, and they recently proved their loyalty to the U.S. in a big way.

From The Daily Mail:

Japan is sending its largest warship to protect a US vessel as it resupplies the strike group led by carrier Carl Vinson amid tensions with North Korea.

The 800ft helicopter carrier Izumo left its home port of Yokosuka, south of Tokyo, on Monday to escort the American vessel to the waters off Shikoku, around 400 miles away at the top end of Japan’s south island.

The supply vessel, which is not being named, is believed to be in the region to support the ‘armada’ sent by President Trump to warn Kim Jong-un off conducting a sixth nuclear test.

Japan’s willingness to protect America’s Navy serves the country’s own personal interests as well.

The unstable despot Kim Jong Un has been increasing his missile launch tests in the region, and a number of times North Korea’s missiles have come far too close to Japan for comfort.

A possible missile strike and what to do about it have dominated TV talk shows and other media in Japan in recent weeks as regional tension has spiked, but the presence of U.S. aircraft carriers are reassuring to the Japanese people who live within striking distance of North Korea’s missiles.

If Japan-U.S. relations are any indication of what can be achieved when opposing sides unite, perhaps there is hope that North Korea may one day be an ally to the Unites States as well, if they are willing to reject the brutality of the Kim dictatorship.

Until that happens, our warships stand ready.

Source: The Daily Mail

Kay Johnson
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