WHOA: Krauthammer Weighs In On Trump’s Speech…No One Saw THIS Coming! [WATCH]

The big news of the week has been Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico. Make no mistake: this was huge. After boldly making illegal immigration his top priority, calling for a wall to be built across the Mexican-American border, you’d think the last place Trump would end up is Mexico.

Yet Mexican president Nieto saw the writing on the wall. He knew that he needed to get on Trump’s good side, so when he become president, they would have an amicable relationship.

Notice Nieto didn’t invite Hillary to Mexico.

The meeting and the subsequent press event has completely blown the doors off this election. The liberal media may not have caught on yet, but you don’t have important meetings with a candidate that’s going to lose. The international community already sees Trump as a leader, just like millions of Americans.

This puts Trump is a serious position of strength, with Hillary scrambling to match (spoiler: she won’t be able to).

One Trump critic had some surprisingly strong words to say about the visit.  From Truth Feed:

Charles Krauthammer praises Donald Trump’s handling of his joint press conference with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto…

“Now here he is, standing on the world stage, with a world leader. This is a big step. He not only held his own, I think in some ways he sort of dominated. The Mexican President was rather defensive, asking for respect. Trump, I thought, spoke well. And then if you noticed at the very end when they took questions, it was Trump who took charge. He is sitting in the palace of the president of Mexico. This never happens. Normally, it’s the host who picks the journalists. Trump took charge, naturally, walked off the stage as the dominant guy. He pulled it off. I think he really helped himself.”

This event has established Trump’s creditably in the biggest area of his campaign, illegal immigration from Mexico. If you were to believe the media’s narrative, Mexico would have never let Trump step foot in their country, let alone seriously discuss building a wall.

But both President Nieto and Trump agreed at a wall on the border was a necessary step in securing both countries.

Mexico is starting to see Trump as an ally, who will help overthrow the drug cartels, rather than an adversary.

The biggest chip in Trump’s campaign has just been validated. And the world was watching.

The Clinton campaign can’t combat this on any level; to do so would be to attack Mexico. This validated Trump’s most controversial goal. The rest will be a cake walk.

Source: Truth Feed

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