Late Night Host Has SHOCK Message For Trump-Supporters—Their Deafening Response Blows Him Away

Conservatives are proving to be the most open-minded and accepting people in the country. Liberals? Yeah, they look for ways to attack, denigrate, and shame us.

They’ve clearly proven they cannot accept people with different views. Their narrow-minded, pathetic, childish behavior only drives more people from their failing party.

Recently, disgraced and shameful rapper Eminem insulted any of his fans who voted for Trump. Following in his doomed footsteps, little known late night talk show host Seth Meyers has decided to destroy his career.

From Fox News:

NBC late-night host Seth Meyers followed up Eminem’s headline-making, anti-Trump freestyle with a message of his own to any Trump-supporting viewers.

The “Late Night” host said his viewers should “get off the fence” and pick a side between President Trump and his show, which he said “constantly mocks and denigrates everything about [Trump].”

“I’m Seth Meyers and I’m here to say: if you like Trump, then go away,” he said in a pseudo-rap response to Eminem before putting up his middle finger.

The famous Detroit rapper released a freestyle, “The Storm,” at the BET Awards on Tuesday night. In the video, which quickly went viral, Eminem rapped a message to any of his fans who still support the president.

“And if you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split on who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for you with this. F*** you!” he rapped, giving the middle finger to the camera.

Wow. Does Seth Meyers really believe anyone is watching his show? One of the least funny and likeable people from Saturday Night Live–his show is only a few drops in ratings to be cancelled anyway. And he shoots himself in the foot by insluting millions of Americans?

This proves the left is in full meltdown mode. Why would anyone drive away fans and supporters? At a time when TV is losing to YouTube, Netflix, and video game streams, Meyers should be happy for anyone who bothers to watch his show in the first place.

Liberals are just acting like petty children. The election didn’t go their way, so they are employing a torched earth policy toward anyone that voted for Trump. They don’t even care if they drive away paying customers.

Meanwhile the conservative base is growing, as people are leaving the left.

Many responded to Seth Meyers’s ridiculous plea for fewer viewers:

Don’t be surprised when this continues to happening over the coming months and years. I said it last year and mean it even more: there soon might not even be a Democratic Party.

Source: Fox News

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